Marketing detail

We design and manufacture an inspection and measuring equipment under contract from customer.

We address a variety of needs with the parson mainly composed of technical, development, research and quality control group.
We make suggestions about technology, improvement in operation, basic experiment, drafting, prototype fabrication.
Ultrasonic inspection and laser-assisted measuring are our specialties.
Fabrication of mechanical-jig for inspection is being well received among experts.
We propose products from reasonable measuring-jig to high-performance system fabrication by the needs of the user.


Marketing detail

Development and design for NDT system

・Ultrasonic measuring system
・Laser measuring system
・Materials testing machine
・Other systems under the measuring category

Design and fabrication of electronic circuitry

・Analog circuit
・High-speed digital circuit
・Microprocessor circuit
・Artwork design for circuit board



Design and fabrication of software

・Software based PC Windows
・Firmware based SH

Test under contract from users

・Assessment of ultrasonic inspection
・Assessment of products performance
・Other test by requests