Board for the ultrasonic detector

Board for the ultrasonic detector



AMP150M-board functions as the detector only insert it into the PC slot.
It can be expanded up to 16CH on 4CH basis.
As it abides by the PCI standard, the data can be transferred by high-speed waveform and stored.


Pulse cycle frequency 〜 12KHz
Maximum number of channels : 16CH board
Output voltage : 〜 350V
Fall time transmission/ less than 10ns
A/D / 150MHz(12bits)
DAC(TCG)function / 40dB
Sensitivity amplification / 80dB (not including P.R20dB)
Recorder output / 4CH
Event output / 8bits TTL
Number of gates / S,F,B gate
Gate range / start, width
Gate resolution / longitudinal wave in steel less than 0.1o
Gate synchronization / T,S,B can be selected
Level/+、−、±100( at 0.5%) peak 1st echo can be selected
Echo height / 0 〜 120%
Waveform transfer/ high-speed FIFO memory (128kB)
External synchronization / TTL

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【Block diagram】