High-speed level meter for rotating lasers

High-speed level meter for rotating lasers



・It is possible to measure high-speed vibration, multi-point measurement and centrally manage of data.
・It measures at high speed in units of 0.1o every 0.1second.
It can be used for measuring vibration of a bridge and an old structure.


・It can be connected total extension 1.5km by connecting the RS485 cable.
・The sensor unit can be cascade connected maximum 31, managed in real time by a PC.
・By store records of data into the PC, it can measure continuously over the long term (monthly basis / annual basis)
・You can handle the measuring data at will by measuring software.(graph display / numerical data display / average value over / output of CSV data)
・It is possible to supervise and warm against the unusual value, work the external device ( relay board )
・We customize software at user request.

Application apply

・Subsidence measurement variation
・Vibration measurement variation

Option : Data can be transferred by a mobile phone.

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