Compact-tank scanner system

Compact-tank scanner system



It is a compact desktop model of a high-functionality submergence scanning system which have a high-speed all waveform recording capability.
We upgrade it to meet user demands on a base of standard model.

System summary

・High-speed recording of all-waveform data (standard)
・Real time image display (standard)
・Original analysis software (A/B/C scope marking)(standard)
※A processing function of software can be expanded to meet user demands.(option)
・A simple interface which have only a LAN cable(standard)
・Triple sealed cable for fighting noise (standard: original cable in-house production)
・Axis of motion X/Y automatic Z manual(rotary dial for vertical motion)
・Centering of probe (manual) 1/2 ±90°
・Bounds fo scanning X shaft 300o Y Z
・Tank size 400(W) × 400(D) × 300(H)
・Desktop PC os: Windows 7

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